Registration fee for 2021 TEAM ROTR -- KENTUCKY / INDIANA Trip

2021 KENTUCKY / INDIANA team registration

  • Setember 23rd -  27th,  2021

    We are capping the roster at 15 total. This is because of limited space on the bus, the amount of bikes and gear we can carry.

    This is a non-supported trip. That means there will be no support crew for this trip. All meals will be on your own.

    TEAM ROTR will provide most of what you will need to cook at the campsite but we will not provide support and space will be limited as we will need to fit everyone and everything on the bus.

    You will need to register for the Bourbon Burn on your own:

    You are also respondsible for hotel accomdations in Indiana.

    The ROTR entry fee is for the bus support, drivers and transprotation costs.

    We would like you to use PayPal on your check out (this is an easy way to track all transactions for the team)

    Thank you and look forward to seeing you in there!!

  • Before June 1st DEADLINE.

    We will refund your full enry fee (minus fees) if you need to cancel but you must cancel before AUGUST 1st. By this time we have budgeted your entry fee and have begun bus maintenance and supplies.

    *** if we find a rider to take your spot we will refund your entry fee (the refund DOES NOT include the fees that TEAM ROTR are billed