Registration fee for 2021 TEAM ROTR -- SOUTH DAKOTA / WYOMING Trip

2021 SOUTH DAKOTA / WYOMING team registration

  • May 27th - May 31st, 2021

    We are capping this trip to 10 people because of space and gear that will be needed. We will have bus support but we will not be providing meal nor board the first two days. Meals and board will be provided the last two days. 

    COSTS: (dependent on number of attendees and these are approximations)

    4-5 Riders - $500 per person

    6-7 Riders - $400 per person

    8-9 Riders - $300 per person

    10-14 Riders - $250 per person

    *** ATTENTION: the costs do not include hotels or food. You are responsible for your own hotel reservations and food. 


    Night #1 - We are staying Deadwood the first night and there are many options available. (we do have 3 rooms revserved and if you want details please contact

    Night #2 - We are staying in Custer and there is also lots of options avaible. We have a 5 person Teepee reserved (first to respond first to lock in a bed) in this teepee. You can also make your own reservation for your own teepee, or book a room, cabin or tent at the campground.  

    Buffalo Ridge Camp Resort

    245 Centennial Drive

    Custer, SD 57730


    Nights #3 & #4 - We will have the ranch reserved and you will not need to make your reservations. For more information check this website

     This is a non-supported trip. That means there will be no support crew for this trip. All meals will be on your own.

    TEAM ROTR will provide most of what you will need to cook at the campsite but we will not provide support and space will be limited as we will need to fit everyone and everything on the bus. 

    We would like you to use PayPal on your check out (this is an easy way to track all transactions for the team)

    Thank you and look forward to seeing you in UP NORTH!!

  • Before June 1st DEADLINE.

    We will refund your full enry fee (minus fees) if you need to cancel but you must cancel before JUNE 1st. By this time we have budgeted your entry fee and have begun bus maintenance and supplies.

    *** if we find a rider to take your spot we will refund your entry fee (the refund DOES NOT include the fees that TEAM ROTR are billed