It is our goal to ride all 50 states

Previous ROTR Rides

MISSOURI - The Katy Trail


The Katy Trail is the country's longest recreational rail trail in the United States.

We did this trail in replacement for 2020 RAGBRAI cancelled because of the COVID pandemic.

This trail is loaded with historical markers, wineries, breweries and followed the path of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

The trail is just over 100 miles and comprised of crushed lime stone so we rode gravel  and mt bikes.

MICHIGAN  - Coast to Cost Grinder


In pursuit of a rugged adventure, we discovered a route that stitches together fast gravel roads, signature two-track trails and sand trails that span across the Michigan peninsula.

This is one of the hardest courses in the USA and took our ROTR riders months of training, time and dedication to prepare for the ride.

Only two ROTR riders came across the finish line.

There was breath-taking views and is the only course on earth that links you to two fresh water oceans in less than 24 hours.


Mickelson Trail and Devils Tower




Bourbon Trail and Monon Trail



ILLINOIS  - Lake Shore Drive Trail


The Lake Shore Drive Trail flows through downtown Chicago and it is a paved trail that follows the scenic Lakefront of Lake Michigan.

When riding you have the blue waters of Lake Michigan on one side and the lush parks and awesome skyline views on the other side.- Riding this trail at night is a MUST!

The trail puts in downtown Chicago with a great nightlife, fantastic restaurants, bars and entertainment.

NEBRASKA - The Cowboy Trail


The Cowboy trail is one of the country's longest rail-trails.

Spans 205 miles between the towns of Norfolk and Valentine.


The trail is mostly crushed gravel, includes 200+ bridges that go through native prairie lands, stunning lakes, grass covered sand dunes and the longest  bike trail bridge in the USA.

You feel like your in a different world riding this trail.

KANSAS  - Tour de Salt


Tour de Salt is an unique opportunity to bicycle over the salty terrain in the tunnels of an active salt mine located 650 feet under the Kansas prairie.

The only ride of its kind in North America and it is 650 UNDER GROUND!!

This was not a race, no competition involved and just you, your bike and your ROTR friends.

Such a fun ride!!

WISCONSIN - The Sparta Trail


The Sparta Trail is considered the first rail-to-trail in the United States and continues to be one of the most popular trails in the country,

There are three rock tunnels (you need to bring lights because they are so long)... there is five small towns along the way and the trail crosses through wetlands, prairies, farmland and forests.

After the ride you and celebrate at Wisconsin Dells water parks.

MINNESOTA  - Tour de Pepin


Tour de Pepin is one of the Midwest's most unique cycling tours.


Riders have the option to ride a 32, 50. 70 or 100 mile route.


Riders travel through captivating terrain and historic river towns along the Mississippi River.

This ride has become a spring tradition for TEAM ROTR



This was the first year we attended RAGBRAI as a bus team.

We started out not knowing what we were doing and only had 18 riders and 1 support crew member.

RAGBRAI is now an annual event for TEAM ROTR!